“As a creative process, collaboration requires a high tolerance for open spaces, advanced skills in uncertainty, a hunger for the question and a commitment to surpass what is routine”    Lynn M Thomson

Hello, my name is Gus Watcham. I’m a writer, performer and artist. Thank you for looking in, and welcome.

Two years ago I wrote a performance piece, This is always the result which was staged through collaboration with theatre maker Mark C Hewitt and video artist Abigail Norris. The finished piece belonged (and belongs) to the three of us equally and I knew from then that the process of working with and around others is what makes me tick.

I now see that I’ve collaborated all my life. It’s what we humans do – informally, contractually, fleetingly or long term.  Collaboration shape-shifts. It can be a lifetime’s work or a chance conversation on a bus. Sometimes even a glance shared with a stranger, agreeing in the blink of an eye that what just happened was hilarious, or weird.

I look forward to exchanging thoughts and stories of a collaborative nature, as well as some tales from the lonely creative bubble. I hope you’ll enjoy, respond, argue, keep in touch…

“Everyone we meet knows something we don’t know” Jeremy Corbyn, Glastonbury 2017