Gus performs her own poems and stories, working in collaboration with other artists. What started as a piece of writing at the back of a drawer came to life through fortuitous meetings with theatre maker and director Mark C Hewitt of LLL Productions and video artist Abigail Norris. In 2015 with the help of an award from Arts Council England they developed The Crush and This is always the result into a double bill performance and film, which toured the uk during 2015-16 including Brighton Festival 2016.


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Photographs by Francois Norris

In The Crush lonely Kathy waxes lyrical about the former art school tutor who no longer knows that she exists. In This is always the result chaotic violence crashes in on Sarah’s ordinary life in a quiet seaside town.


In 2017 Gus received a further ACE award to write The Enchantment Papers – a series of linked poems inspired by Andrew Lang’s Red Fairy Book, featuring Red Riding Hood (now 65 years of age), an assortment of woodcutters and a talking pig.  People of the ’65 and over’ age group kindly responded to Gus’s invitations to come and talk to her in local libraries. These conversations injected some invigorating and prejudice-busting content into her research and later she worked with Mark C Hewitt to develop this draft into a work-in-progress sharing at New Writing South. The work is continually evolving in her head and on bits of scrap paper and is ongoing.